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Papers (reverse chronology)

Articles: (most of them)

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Tech reports, unpublished: (some of them)

  1. H. Munthe-Kaas: An algebraic theory for regular data mappings on parallel computers, Report 102, 1995, Department of Informatics, U. of Bergen, ISSN 0333-3590.

  2. H. Munthe-Kaas: Generalized Shuffle-Exchange networks, Report 61, 1992, Department of Informatics, U. of Bergen, ISSN 0333-3590.

  3. H. Munthe-Kaas: Symmetric FFTs; a general approach, Tech. rep. Department of Math. Sciences, NTNU Trondheim, May 1989.

Thesis: H. Munthe-Kaas: Topics in Linear Algebra for Vector and Parallel Computers, PhD Thesis, NTNU Trondheim, 1989. (Awarded Esso prize for best PhD 1989).