Research Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas


Page last updated by HZMK: May, 2012


Current projects:

  1. CHiPS - Challenges in Preservation of Structure (MCSA-RISE)

  2. SPIRIT- Structure Preserving Integrators, Discrete Integrable Systems and Algebraic Combinatorics, (NFR 2014-2018).

  3. Mathematics of geophysical flows (NFR).


  1. Multivariate Chebyshev Polynomials in Applications

  2. DiffMan - Matlab toolbox for differential equations on manifolds

  3. Coordinate Free Numerics and the SOPHUS library

Some previous projects:


  2. Special year Geometric Integration

  3. Abel symposium

  4. Combinatorics and Control

  5. SPADE-ACE (Structure Preserving Algorithms for Differential Equations - Algorithms, Computation and Education (2008-2012).

  6. Aurora (French-Norwegian cultural exchange 2011-2012).

  7. ...